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Jacob Gibbs

New Beginnings!

tech • 18 Jan 2024

Welcome to my new internet home. I’ve always toyed with the idea of having a little plot on the internet for my musings and was recently inspired by Kevin Quirk and his very aptly named website: Start a Fucking Blog.

I won’t make any commitments on posting, as having three kids to keep happy is a pretty large drain on my time. In fact, even whilst writing this post I’ve had to deal with one of them having a nose bleed!

I’ve built the site using Jekyll and hosted with Netlify - a combination I’ve used a few times before, so has become quite familar to me. Hopefully this means I can focus more on writing posts than tinkering with other frameworks I don’t understand.

I’ll keep this one short as it’s the intro and will catch you in the next one!

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